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Instructor led training

Partnering with your organization to develop customized training based upon your organizational mission, strategy and goals. All training programs and workshops are a combination of awareness, knowledge sharing, skill and competency building, experiential participant activities and action planning.       

Collaborating and learning with people to achieve positive impact on self, teams, staff, clients and organizations.


Customized training available in:

     Anti-Harassment training

     Understanding Lens and Unconscious Bias

     Diversity & Inclusion

     Diversity of Style

     ERG Strategy & Alignment 


Strategic Approaches:

      Needs and Gap Analysis

        Developing an Integrated approach to Inclusion, Engagement and Diversity

        Creating and re-designing Inclusion and Diversity Councils and Committees  

        Climate Assessments and Focus Groups  

        Analysis of metrics and data 



        Personal Impact

         Career Coaching

         Team Building 

Please send me an email to find out more about

 services and fees

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