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passion for people

Lead…Inspire…Collaborate…Discover & Understand (self & others)…Support…Guide…Change…Impact…


I love working with people, for themselves and their organizations, on their own Discovery the Diversity they bring and the Destination they are creating.  Embracing our journey individually and collectively.

I started my career in Human Resources over 25 years ago with the intent to help people in their quest to identify and create what success means to them and how to achieve it.  Working with and through others is the basis of learning and understanding ourselves and each other so we can be who we are, our authentic selves, and enjoy our life.  Everyone has a different lens in how we see the world which was shaped by our upbringing and experiences.  This is what makes us complex people balancing our head with our heart.

To quote Steven Covey, Intent -vs- Impact is what we need to be aware of.  Although it seems obvious, many people don’t realize the impact that their words and actions have on others.  This one concept can help leader’s lead creating positive impact enabling others to succeed while helping others build better relationships to collaborate more effectively in a more comfortable atmosphere.

The paradox of Diversity - What makes us different unites us through our experiences. 

  • e-Cornell. 

  • Cornell University ILR.

  • Stack Overflow.

  • Headspace.

  • USDA.

  • Brookhaven National Labs.

  • WhatsApp.

  • Noodle.

  • Genentech.

  • Fordham University.

  • WSFS bank.

  • Radian.

  • NYPD.

  • Guideposts.

  • BIG EAST Conference.

  • Abrams Books.

  • Vizient.

  • Ion Media Networks.

  • Ruaxa.

  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

  • Voya Financial.

  • Anthem, Inc.

  • PNC Bank.

  • Federal Home Loan Bank of NY.

  • HSBC.

  • Ambac Assurance Corporation.

  • The Howard Center VT.

  • EEOC.

  • NSA.

  • CUNY.

  • Yale University.

  • Harley Davidson.

  • Montclair State University.

  • Morgan Stanley.

  • DTCC.

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