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Testimonials & Client feedback

Aymee Canlas. 

Cornell D& I participant.

Hi Dave! Doubt you remember me, but I had the good fortune of participating in a D&I train-the-trainer session that you facilitated on behalf of the McGraw-Hill companies about 10 years ago. I thought you were, by far, the best D&I trainer I had encountered, between your depth of knowledge, authenticity, energy, passion for the topic, and compassion for others. You were incredibly inspiring.

You popped up in my Linkedin feed today and it's compelled me to let you know the impact you've had on my career. After the training session, I greatly enjoyed leading the D&I sessions you prepared me for, but McGraw Hill not long after for an HR role at another company. But my love for D&I has endured, and it's inspired me to now make the shift from communications/employee engagement into focusing exclusively on diversity, inclusion, belonging and equality. I'm incredibly excited about this new path, and the potential positive impact I can have on others. I just wanted to let you know that your impact endures to this day.

Thanks for igniting the D&I spark in me, all those years.


Thanks for listening, and hope you're thriving



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